During the week, we will stage three battles and one full-contact tournament. No person under the age of 18 may participate in battle.

The wednesday battle will be staged in Östergravar, outside the city walls. There will be an audience largely consisting of passengers from a visiting cruise ship. This battle will not be modeled on an historic scenario from 1361. Instead, it will give an idea of medieval combat in general, and it is mainly supposed to be entertaining for audience and participants alike.

The battle of Mästerby will be held on thursday. There will be buses available to transport participants between the BoW camp and Mästerby. More info: Battle of Mästerby

The battle of the Wall will be held in Östergravar, south of the BoW camp, on saturday. Mer info: Battle of Wisby

Equipment and rules

Required equipment on the battlefield
Battlefield rules

A few adjustments have been made since 2011. These are the more important ones:

  • During the Battle of Mästerby and the Battle of the Wall, we want people in civil dress, (both adults and children, men and women) who will act as fleeing civilians. This will happen just before the actual battles, and will be completely safe. Please sign up!
  • Regarding equipment, we will be somewhat more rigid concerning approved helmet types. Viking-type helmets with noseguards and 15th century helmets with eye slits are two types that will not be permitted.  Round shields with a diameter  exceeding 55 cm will not be permitted either.
  • During battle against an opponent with a visorless helmet, your own visor (if present) must be open. During battle against an opponent with a closed helmet or a visor, you are allowed to keep your own visor closed.

Full-contact tournament  On wednesday we will host an in-camp tournament on foot. Participants will be equipped as fully armored noblemen with armor spanning the years 1300 to 1400. Participants will fight with various cold weapons. More information: Full-contact tournament