The camp will be located in Östergravar outside the walls of Wisby. The pictures below give you an idea of the area.

Camp rules

All camp inhabitants must be registered before they arrive. We are unfortunately not able to accept applications during the event. When you leave your camp site, it must be clean and approved by the Battle of Wisby crew.


Guard duty is shared between the various groups living in-camp. The purpose of guarding is to minimize the fire hazards, to keep unauthorized people outside the camp and raise the alarm if something should happen.

If you plan to keep a fire in your camp, you will need a fire extinguisher. Should you lack one, you won’t be allowed to make a fire.


There will be a water tap and a place to do the dishes in camp. Portable toilets and showers will also be available.


We will provide material for fireplaces. Don’t forget to bring your own shovel! Straw and firewood will also be available.