Toilets & showers

The camp has access to several dry toilets as well as urinals on the logistics area.
Indoor toilets and showers are available in the Norrbacka school, about 300 m from the camp. Codes for gate and school access will be provided on-site.
Toilet paper will be provided.The rule is to leave toilets and showers as you want to find them. They will also be tidied up twice a day by participants according to the mandatory chores roster.


Water (possibly divided into drinking water and hygiene water) will be provided in the logistics area. You will need something to carry water – especially is you have horses. Washing up is not permitted by the water tanks, and it is forbidden to wash your hands directly by the tank. Non-period buckets will be provided to drain water to wash with in proximity of the tanks. This is partly a hygiene issue, and also due to the general water shortage on Gotland during summer.


Containers for waste disposal will be available in the logistics area. They will be divided into different types (glass, plastic, cardboard, household waste, etc.), which must be complied with very carefully. Incorrect sorting results in very steep fines, to be avoided at all costs.