Just like previously, there will be a roster for chores to be done in camp. This is a good way for participants to make a little extra money and compensate for the cost of the trip.

Voluntary tasks

There will be voluntary tasks in camp, for which a symbolic compensation is paid. These may include guard duty, working in the tavern, and other chores.

The compensation is limited to 999 SEK per person, including any transfer fee for foreign or domestic transfers, regardless of how many shifts you work. Transfers can only be made personally, and anyone wanting to receive compensations are to provide the recipient’s name and address, IBAN / account number, and the receiving bank’s BIC / National ID.

Mandatory duties

In addition to the voluntary tasks, there will be a few mandatory duties in camp, for which no compensation is paid.

The mandatory duties involve keeping the toilets and showers clean, as well as working with the camp setup and/or disassembly. Mandatory tasks are divided into shifts for 2 persons. The length of the shift depending on the task at hand.
The number of mandatory camp chores to be booked and performed by each group will be calculated later, based on group size and the total number of participants.

All camp chores (mandatory as well as voluntary) will be displayed and bookable in advance. Those arriving early and departing late are asked to please book at least some of their chores on Saturday the 6th and Sunday the 14th respectively, since we’ll probably be shorthanded then.

Night watch

Voluntary duty.

Each night from Saturday to Saturday, there will be a night watch in camp.

Night watch duty is divided into four shifts of four guards, working in pairs, and is compensated with 100 SEK per hour – that means 200 SEK per shift.

More information to come.

Day watch


More information to come.

Cleaning duty – shower and toilets


Showers and toilets in the Norrbacka school must be cleaned once a day – in the afternoon (with double shifts put in after the battles of Mästerby and Wisby).

Please note that some shifts will be at the very beginning and end of the
arrangement. Those arriving early and/or departing late are urged to choose these shifts.

(Toilets in camp are cleaned by an external contractor twice a day – morning and afternoon.)

Camp setup and dismantling


We will need help when installing a steel fence along the road to the east of the camp, as well as putting up a lighter fence along the rest of the camp perimeter.
These chores will be divided into six 2-hour shifts for 2 persons, during the afternoon of Saturday the 6th and morning of Sunday the 7th.
Removal of the same fences will be divided into four 2-hour shifts for 2 persons, during Sunday the 14th.

General help and cleaning of the campsite will be divided into four 2-hour shifts for 2 persons, during Sunday the 14th. Everyone must clean their own camp, removing any excess firewood and bedding straw to the allocated space in the logistics area – but there are always more tasks presenting themselves in addition to the above.